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Aashyana January 25, 2008

Posted by muskanghuman in Poetry.
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Ek din yun.hii
Meri rooh nai
Mujh sai sawal kia
Mujh ko buta mai aashyana kuhan banau.n???
Mai kuch thum sii gai…
Magar phir kuha
Sahil kii rait par…
Arey nadaan..!
Rait par bany aashyanay ko tou
Samandar kii lehrain hii mitta dain gii…
Mujh ko buta mai aashyana kuha.n bunau.n???
Mai ne juwab dia
Badalou.n par…
Badalou.n pai banay aashyanay ko tou
Hawa ka ekk jhonka hii
Apnay sang ura lai jaiey ga…
Mujh ko bata mai aashyana kuha.n bunaou.n???
Mai chund lamhay sochti rahi
Phir kuha
Neelay samandar kai pani par…
Arey pagli…!
Samandar pai banay aashyanay ko tou
Uss kii apni tughyanni hii dabo daly gii…
Mujh ko buta mai aashyana kuha.n bunao.un???
Mai boli
Chand par…
Jawab aaiea
Chand wo jo hudd bhi andairou.n ka basi hai
Kesay de paiey ga teary aashya.n ko roshni…
Mujh ko buta mai aashyana kuha.n bunau.n???
Mai kuch lamhay sochti rahi
Koi jawab magar dai na saki
Phir bai-khyali mai…
Bay eradgii mai…
Buna dia mai nai apna aashyana
Apnay sapno.n mai, apnay khyalo.u mai
Mai samjhti thi meray sapnay tou meray apnay hain
Inai.n kesay koi lehar koi jhonka mita paiey ga
Magr yai na-pukhtagi thi meri socho.un kii
Mita dala…!!
Han mita dala meray aashyany ko…
Ess samajh nai, ess masharay nai
Meray chund apno.un nai…
Meri Rouh meray bhikray aashyanay kai tinkay
Apnay paro.un par uthaey
Dour aasma.n kii bulandio.n mai parwaz kar gai
Mery hontou.n pai bilkta sawal chor gai
Mujh ko buta mai aashyana kuha.n bunaou.n???
Mujh ko buta mai aashyana kuha.n bunaou.n???


Where do we stand Today? January 11, 2008

Posted by muskanghuman in Pakistan.
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Pakistan has not seen such severe circumstances ever, through which it is passing now a days. Hunger, darkness, terrorism, hatered, provisional disputes, anarchy, judicial crisis, and curbs on media all have become norm of the day. Everywhere there is chaos and we are passing through the bleakest hour, with no ray of hope at all. Why it is happening to us?? The reason is very simple, we were accustomed to see the worst condition of Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir, Iraq, and Afghanistan but it was our heartlessness, materialism and worldliness which forced us to perform just lip services. Now we are cutting the fruit of that very heartless and conscienceless attitude. Presently, our own homeland is in danger but again instead of recognizing the real enemy our so-called leaders are blaming each other. The fault lies on the part of leaders and masses alike. Leaders are only power hungry and want to axe their own grind; on the other side most of the masses are conservative, uneducated and coward. Leaders have nothing to do with the welfare of masses and these masses have nothing to do with Pakistan because their world is confined only to their four walls or to their town or city. And not to speak of those people who are rich, educated and aware; some are blindly pursuing their own interests and some are giving the gift of brain drain to that country which has given them name and recognition. The only solution of all this is to get rid of selfishness, which has become a common attitude of this nation. It is the time for the nation to think collectively otherwise;

Dasta.n tak na ho gii hamari dunyia kii (more…)

Assassination of Benazir Bhutto December 29, 2007

Posted by muskanghuman in Pakistan.
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Benazir Bhutto the twice-elected Prime Minister of Pakistan is assassinated in an act of terrorism in Liaquat Bagh of Rawalpindi. This Bagh has become a bloody spot in Pakistan’s tumultuous political history because it has eaten two Prime ministers of Pakistan i.e. Liaqat Ali Khan and now Benazir Bhutto. Benazir Bhutto’s untimely and heartrending death has created a gigantic emptiness in Pakistan’s political scene that will be difficult to fill perhaps for many coming years. This depressing news has brought tears in the eyes of every Pakistani; even those who were deadly against her ideas and policies are shocked and sad on her sudden demise. I think her death is not a death of one person but a great blow for Pakistan’s federation, democracy and stability. Whoever has committed this barbaric and brutal act is not only conscience less but also a great enemy of our beloved Land. There are already some disputes among provinces and this heinous act has given another reason to Sindhis. But if rationally taken this tragedy does not belong to Sindh or PPP only but to whole Pakistan. The need of the hour is only and only patience, rational decisions and sensible attitude not only on the part of establishment but also on the part of grieved party along with other politicians, media and intelligentsia. Everyone has to realize that this murder will have a far-reaching impact on the political environment of Pakistan and manhandling of this incident can prove disastrous for its stability. As far as Benazir Bhutto is concerned she will be remembered forever as a martyr and a great leader, not only by her own party and Sindhis but also by every sagacious citizen of Pakistan.